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Due to the introduction of a new administration system, except the information about the reason for payment on the basis of all payments redirected to The Naval Academy, we ask all students to record correctly their faculty number!

Message: 12:00, 09.03.2020

Dear foreign students, dear parents of foreign students,

With this letter, I address you to assure you that the academy is constantly thinking about the health and well-being of its students. As you are all familiar with the situation in Bulgaria and Greece, as well as the prospects for its development, I will not repeat it, and I would like to emphasize that as a university we will act in the fullest interest of our students.

The school has two main priorities: the health of its graduates and their successful and complete education, and these priorities are in this order.

In this regard, please accept that the school’s activity in the unconventional situation has long been conceived and planned.

The prepared plan requires that in order to avoid the unnecessary risk that the classroom activities are being terminated and students are released on vacation until 21.04.2020.

We address the students’ parents. We fully understand and appreciate your concern for your sons and daughters. It is our top priority. Therefore, we believe that as parents at this unconventional moment, you will apply the best measures and take the right actions. That is why we believe that family presence is the
best possible environment for overcoming difficulties. For this reason, we have taken this unexpected vacation.

Dear students, in fact, this vacation is not exactly a vacation. Next week we will apply a system for virtual classroom training. The way it’s going to be organized and when will it start, you will find out from the information that we will distribute on the Internet. You will also receive information on your e-mail addresses and by phonecall.

We will act as necessary to accomodate for those who are about to graduate in 2020. A plan is being developed for the scheduling and taking of the state exams as well as for options for taking them on account of the situation.

We assure you that we will in no case allow the current situation to be detrimental to health and education.

Please excuse us for the inconvenience caused, but the measures taken are designed to avoid the maximum risk to your health.

Much success, happiness and health to you and your families!

2402, 2020

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